Fresenius Claims

Fresenius Medical Care is the largest operator of dialysis treatment clinics in Mississippi and the United States. Fresenius' parent company is a German corporation. Fresenius operates in many countries including the United States, where it treats roughly one-third of U.S. dialysis patients at its walk-in clinics. Fresenius maintains 49 clinics in the State of Mississippi, its presence in Mississippi being one of the largest per capita of any state.

Fresenius uses its equipment and products at the centers it operates. Fresenius is also a major distributor of dialysis treatment equipment and products including the chemical agents NaturaLyte and Granuflo.

Fresenius first introduced these dialysis products in 2003. By 2012, said products were used for a majority of hemodialysis patients in the U.S. Between 2004 and 2011, Fresenius noted an increase in serum pre-dialysis bicarbonate levels. NaturaLyte and Granuflo convert to bicarbonate, and these higher pre-dialysis levels pose a substantial risk of problems, including serious cardiac arrest and death. Aware of these dangers, Fresenius took no action to warn doctors or patients.

After an anonymous source provided the internal memo to the FDA, the regulatory agency sent an inquiry to Fresenius, which prompted the company to finally provide information to other clinics in March of 2012. The FDA has now recalled these products under a Class I Recall.