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Tishomongo County Courthouse employees report terroristic threats

It may be a safe bet to say that nearly everyone in Hazlehurst has had a moment when the temporary tension or tumult of a situation prompted one say something he or she did not truly mean. Sometimes, such statements may even escalate into threats. Yet most of these cases share two elements: They are not delivered with any sort of actual intent, and they are made behind closed doors in relative anonymity. If and when they happen in public places, however, such statements may leave those who make them facing dire consequences. 

Distracted Driving May Be Even More Prevalent Than We Know

Anyone who has been on the road lately has probably seen a driver using a cell phone, glancing up here and there to drive. Perhaps you've done this yourself. And perhaps you or a loved one has been injured or killed because another person was texting or otherwise distracted by a device while driving.

Car accidents: who is at fault?

The topic of car accidents is one most would rather avoid, especially when they pose significant threats to safety. Yet some of the differences between minor bumper collisions and fatal crashes can be found in the distractions of drivers themselves. All individuals travelling on Mississippi roadways have the right to safety, and when that safety is jeopardized, individuals can take action against negligent drivers. 

Reckless driving in mississippi

There is a fine line between the definitions of distracted driving and reckless driving. Just one minor lapse in judgement could result in a tragic motor vehicle accident, which could ultimately result in injuries and even fatalities. In Mississippi, reckless driving constitutes as not only a traffic violation, but a criminal charge. Drivers caught operating a vehicle while displaying reckless behavior could face hefty fines and even jail time. Yet on a larger scale, Mississippi is hardly the state with the most reckless driver-related incidents. 

Understanding the attractive nuisance doctrine

The onset of fall in Hazlehurst often sees children heading outdoors to take advantage of the final few weeks of warm weather before winter arrives. To your child, the outdoors offer a wealth adventures, some created by attractions whose dangers they may not fully comprehend. Sadly, several of the clients that we here at The Shannon Law Firm, PLLC have worked with have seen such attractions injure their kids. If such a misfortune has befallen your family, you may reasonably question how it is that your child was able to gain access to such a dangerous location, and whether or not you may be able to hold the property owner responsible. 

The details of deceptive trade

Millions of Mississippians receive ambiguous mail or phone calls on a regular basis. These messages often inform recipients that they are winners of a prize, are eligible for free products or other types of gimmick-oriented content. There are, of course, sweepstakes and other promotional material that are legitimate. Yet when a consumer cannot decipher between valid advertising and deception, the legal processes that may ensue can become complex and overwhelming.

Client visit in Tupelo leads to attorney's arrest

Many in Hazlehurst may think that it is relatively easy to avoid ever becoming involved in alleged criminal activity because most people simply "know better." Several of those same people may end up being surprised to learn how often someone that most would think "knows better" ends up being charged with a crime. Rather than being an indictment on the character of accused perpetrators, perhaps this is an indicator of how easily well-intentioned people can have their actions misinterpreted by authorities or become caught up in events that may be more serious than they first realize. 

Motorcycle accidents and unsafe roads

Sometimes, accidents on the road are inevitable. The multitude of distractions that technology can create while driving and unruly passengers and pets are two common ways traffic collisions can occur. When a motorcycle is involved, theses dangerous measures can become all the more extreme. Are unsafe and poorly maintained roads one of the culprits? In Mississippi, as well as other parts of the country, individuals who suffer an injury due to a motorcycle accident can choose to place the matter in legal hands.