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Can you get out of a contract?

If most of your business transactions in Hazlehurst are executed by way of contracts, then you know firsthand of the security that comes from having such agreements in place. You know that your contractual partner is bound to complete his or her terms provided you are able to fulfill yours. Yet what if you are put in the position (either due to a failure by your partner to deliver on its promises or to the needs of your organization) of needing to terminate a contract? Can you do so legally? 

Some common products are more dangerous than once thought

When most consumers think of potentially dangerous products, common household items are likely the last on the list. Toys such as fidget spinners and gadgets with other small parts are typically to blame. It is frightening to consider the number of harmful materials that coexist alongside the entire family; home, after all, is ideally a place of safety and comfort. Yet news of injuries and even death as a result of defective products are not uncommon. It is important to know the potential risks of certain products, especially if infants and children are involved.

False domestic assault accusations and the lasting effects

It is difficult to view a domestic assault charge in anything but a negative light. After all, damage done to victims is often irreversible and defendants end up with a lasting mark on their records. Yet, contrary to popular belief, criminal charges such as these are hardly ever black and white, and some cases can end on a positive note. Such cases often involve false domestic assault accusations. In Mississippi, those who are wrongly accused have the right to dispute false claims and move on with the satsifaction of a normal life.

Elements of alimony in Mississippi

Your decision to end your marriage in Hazlehurst no doubt took a great deal of courage, especially if you were not the primary income earner in your home. While you now can look forward to not having to deal with the stresses that had developed in your marriage, you do have to consider how you will support yourself (and your children, if you have any). Many in your same position have come to see us here at the Shannon Law Firm, PLLC expecting to receive alimony. They are often shocked to learn that such a reward is not always automatic. Before you begin to plan on spousal support, it may be best to know first if you are even entitled to it.