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QDROs and retirement plans in a divorce

For many people in Mississippi, their retirement plans and their homes can be their two largest financial assets. Therefore, concerns about how to address a division of these assets when getting a divorce is understandable. Employer-sponsored retirement accounts like 401K accounts must be handled carefully when splitting them in a divorce in order to avoid losing unecessary money.

How many people die in car accidents in Mississippi?

As car makers continually develop and add new safety features to vehicles, it might seem logical for people in Mississippi to think that the roads are actually safer than in prior years or generations. However, the reality remains that human drivers continue to make very unwise and often unsafe choices that put innocent people at risk every day. As a result, people are still dying on Mississippi roads and highways.

What are field sobriety tests used for?

After an arrest for suspected drunk driving in Mississippi, you are no doubt wondering if there is any way that you can defend yourself against the charges you now face. Just like with any criminal charge, it is important for you to remember that you are innocent until proven guilty. During your arrest process, you were likely asked to participate in some activities and tests. You might have thought that these things were meant to prove that you were drunk. That, however, is not necessarily the case.

Key elements of breach of contract

People enter into business with others to reach a beneficial conclusion. When either party does not fulfill his or her end of the bargain, the party left lacking may seek recompense through other measures.

With so many choices, which store products are safe?

Weeks following the holiday season, children and adults alike are sure to find entertainment in new gifts and accessories. But with all of the choices in products -- from high chairs to fidget spinners -- can consumers trust each one to be safe? The answer to that question is often difficult to determine, but Mississippi residents can find comfort in knowing that consumers have rights to protection and safety. Should those rights become violated, further action may be necessary.

Truck underride guards can save lives

Mississippi drivers who own smaller cars know that they ride at eye level with the wheels of the huge 18-wheelers with which they share the roads. Should the worst happen and they are involved in an accident where they crash into the back or side of a trailer, their vehicle could well wind up underneath it. Forbes reports that in all too many accidents of this type, the passenger vehicle occupants are at grave risk for death by decapitation. Often there is little to stop the car from sliding underneath the trailer, shearing off its roof, hood and windshield, and leaving the driver and passengers in the car defenseless.