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February 2018 Archives

Confirming a doctor's ethical practices

A plethora of Mississippi residents find comfort in knowing that reliable health care is right around the corner. For some, regular doctor visits and treatment is part of a life routine. Because so many patients rely on sufficient medical advice to lead healthy lives, an ethically sound and honest doctor is an absolute must.

The reality of slip and fall accidents

Many Mississippi residents assume that slip and fall cases are rare occurrences. However, a quick slip on a freshly mopped floor or icy sidewalk can be the beginning of long recovery process, or worse, permanent damages. Most of these accidents could also have been prevented by a simple sign on the door or other area of a facility. Below are some of the most common injuries, as well as potential dangers, people can face after slip and fall accidents. 

Should I seek an annulment instead of a divorce?

When you are considering a divorce, you might wish the marriage never occurred in the first place. This is a completely understandable feeling, although you might think it is impossible and unreasonable. However, you may not realize that in some cases, it may be possible for you and other Mississippi residents to dissolve a marriage as if it had never existed.

Dog breeds, aggressiveness and the law

Dogs are humans' best friends for a reason. However, that reason can become unclear when a furry friend turns unexpectedly. These situations are certainly heartbreaking for the owner, but are outright dangerous for the victim; after all, just one attack can come with deadly costs. For Mississippi residents, the law is the law when it comes to dangerous dogs and protecting neighborhoods. 

When do I need a non-disclosure agreement?

When operating a business in Mississippi, you will frequently need to enter into contracts for a variety of reasons. One of the types of contracts you may want to familiarize yourself with is the non-disclosure agreement, also called a confidentiality agreement.