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Responding to an assault accusation

Discovering that a possible assault charge is in one's future can certainly be a terrifying experience. Regardless of what happened, the privacy of everyone involved can suddenly be at stake. With harassment being a focal point of concern in today's world, there have been many debates on how one should react to an assault accusation. Mississippi residents may look to successful examples to best approach such a complex issue.

What is the most dangerous work industry?

Earlier in 2018, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 71 people were killed on the job in Mississippi in 2016, down by five from the previous year. Of that number, 34—nearly half—were due to transportation incidents. The next highest category of job-related deaths was workers who received injuries from other people or animals. Fatal contact with equipment and objects was the third-highest category with 12 fatalities.

Should lane-splitting be legal?

Motorcycle enthusiasts far and wide have debated over the topic of lane-splitting. An action in which a motorcyclist goes in between lanes during slow-moving or stopped traffic, lane-splitting can save time by allowing motorcyclists to move through congestion quickly. Those in favor of this practice argue that not only can it save time; it can also help motorcyclists get out of uncomfortable, extreme temperatures and can boost fuel efficiency. Currently, lane-splitting in Mississippi is not authorized, but could it one day follow suit after California has adopted this driving practice? 

Should I sign a prenuptial agreement?

In the climate of a 50-percent-divorce rate, prenuptial agreements in Mississippi are more common today than ever before. A premarital contract can lend peace of mind to a spouse-to-be who wants to protect personal and business assets. Like any decision, there are pros and cons to be considered, as outlined by FindLaw below.