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Reviewing Mississippi's child support guidelines

A child support obligation may be viewed by many in Hazlehurst as a form of punishment imposed on a parent. Not only may his or her access to his or her children be limited, but he or she is then mandated to continue to pay the other parent for their support. According to information share by the U.S. Census Bureau, $33.7 billion in such support was due in 2015 alone. Yet many of those parents obligated to pay child support have no issue with supporting their kids; they simply want to ensure that whatever amount they required to meet is reasonable. 

Reviewing Mississippi's stance on non-compete agreements

Like many working professionals in Hazlehurst, you likely have ambitions to progress in your career. That progression might come from moving on to a more advanced position with another organization, or breaking away and starting your own business. Your employer may, however, view your growth as potentially coming at its expense. Such a scenario might prompt your boss to ask you to sign a non-compete agreement (either as an initial condition of your employment or when you are leaving). Many of those that we here at the Shannon Law Firm, PLLC have worked with in the past have agreed to such covenants, only to later find their terms to be extremely restrictive. 

When is the use of force justified?

Claims of self-defense made by those charged with violent crimes in Hazlehurst are often immediately met with skepticism. Yet like most, you can probably think of situations where you would justifiably act against another to defend yourself, those that you love, and/or your property. The question is does the law actually allow that? 

Unsafe toys and products to avoid this summer

It can take quite a bit of effort to keep the kids busy during the summer months, but parents sure do try, using everything from water balloons and related firing contraptions to all-terrain vehicles and similar forms of recreation. Some toys and playthings kids use to pass time are not as safe as consumers may like to think, however, and in some cases, they can even prove deadly. In fact, USA Today reports that about 2.5 million kids seek treatment for injuries every summer, many of which stem from the use of unsafe toys and other sources of recreation.

High speed chase in Marion Count kills two men

It may indeed by a rare occurrence when someone from Hazlehurst gets into a vehicle with a person that he or she does not know. Typically, vehicle passengers (and their families) have established relationships with the people driving them around. This may be what makes assigning liability following a car accident even more difficult. People may not want to bring action against someone that they know. Yet circumstances (combined with a driver's conduct) may leave them with little choice.