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The lesser-known effects of a car wreck

Many Mississippi drivers have lived the horrors of falling victim to a negligent driver. What once started as a normal day may have ended with a trip to the hospital -- a step that some are hardly prepared for. When another person was at fault for a wreck, not only does the victim deserve to be compensated for damages; he or she deserves justice after an otherwise traumatic experience. While the process of claiming damages is an obstacle on its own, countless victims must navigate through the long and arduous road of recovery. 

Clearing a conviction from your record

Having handled countless criminal defense cases in Hazlehurst, we here at the Shannon Law Firm, PLLC can attest to the fact that a criminal conviction (no matter the perceived severity of the offense) can have a dramatic impact on your life. Even after you have completed whatever punitive actions were associated with your conviction, you could still see it haunt you as you try to secure a job or find adequate housing. This prompts the question of whether or not the law provides a way to clear offenses from your record. 

What is unfair competition in business?

For Mississippi residents hurt by deceptive or unfair trade practices, consumer protection laws are allowing them to seek remedies such as payment for damages and a halt to the action that caused injury. Unfair competition in the business world affects organizations by infringing on their work in some manner such as intellectual, creative and economic efforts.

The continuing dangers of transvaginal mesh

If you are a Mississippi woman who underwent surgery any time in the past 25 years to correct a pelvic prolapse condition, your surgeon in all likelihood implanted transvaginal mesh into your body. Surgeons began using this strong webbed material back in the early 1990s since it holds up a woman’s pelvic organs better than her own tissues.

What is dental malpractice?

If you have had a toothache, you know that it can be an extremely painful experience for any Mississippi resident. It may not be life-threatening like a stroke, or debilitating like a herniated disk, but constant pain in one of the most used areas of the body is something you cannot ignore either. While you might shop around for a second opinion when it comes to major surgery, most of us trust our dentists to do their job with no questions asked. Like medical doctors, however, dentists also make mistakes, including extracting the wrong teeth, fracturing a patient’s jaw and more. Oral surgery mishaps include puncturing a sinus cavity, severing nerves and failing to refer patients to a specialist. In some cases, these mistakes may be considered dental malpractice.

Takata airbag recall tops 50 million

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the recall of Takata airbags affects 19 vehicle producers and 37 million cars and trucks. The airbags are in many well-known models made by Honda, Ford, Mazda, Acura, Nissan, Chrysler and many more. The NHTSA calls it the “largest and most complex” recall for safety in the history of the U.S.