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Clearing a conviction from your record

Having handled countless criminal defense cases in Hazlehurst, we here at the Shannon Law Firm, PLLC can attest to the fact that a criminal conviction (no matter the perceived severity of the offense) can have a dramatic impact on your life. Even after you have completed whatever punitive actions were associated with your conviction, you could still see it haunt you as you try to secure a job or find adequate housing. This prompts the question of whether or not the law provides a way to clear offenses from your record. 

When is the use of force justified?

Claims of self-defense made by those charged with violent crimes in Hazlehurst are often immediately met with skepticism. Yet like most, you can probably think of situations where you would justifiably act against another to defend yourself, those that you love, and/or your property. The question is does the law actually allow that? 

Bulldog sophomore faces assault charges

It may be easy for many in Hazlehurst to jump to conclusions about the guilt or innocence of any suspect report to have been arrested. Personal experience, familiarity and bias may often shape opinions before the facts of a matter are ever released. The danger in this is that it could potentially compromise the possibility of those that are at the center of such stories being able to be judged fairly should their cases wind up in local courts. A rush to judgment can also unfairly stigmatize someone. Once a person is associated with the stigma of criminal activity, it can very difficult to overcome. 

Ocean Springs contractor arrested for not completing work

One might assume that the actions most would classify as "criminal" in Hazlehurst are very well-defined. However, as is the case in almost any industry, there are grey areas when it comes to the law where confusion exists as to whether or not any statutes have actually been violated. There might be some who say that in such cases, law enforcement officials should err on the side of caution and arrest the alleged offenders, and then allow things to sort themselves out. Yet what about the rights of those accused in these cases? 

What is fruit of the poisonous tree?

If you face any type of criminal charge(s) in Mississippi, you should know about the fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine because it may advantageously affect your case when you go to trial. As explains, the fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine has been part of American criminal law for over a century. The U.S. Supreme Court first mentioned the concept back in 1886 in the case of Boyd v. United States. Not until 53 years later, however, did Justice Felix Frankfurter actually coin the phrase in another U.S. Supreme Court case, Nardone v. United States.

Responding to an assault accusation

Discovering that a possible assault charge is in one's future can certainly be a terrifying experience. Regardless of what happened, the privacy of everyone involved can suddenly be at stake. With harassment being a focal point of concern in today's world, there have been many debates on how one should react to an assault accusation. Mississippi residents may look to successful examples to best approach such a complex issue.

False accusations: handling the process

As with any criminal situation, the details that accumulate as a case moves forward can become complicated. When a false accusation is in the picture, the seriousness of these complications can increase significantly. Although confrontation from law enforcement, court hearings and the endless stream of documents are enough to throw anyone into a state of fear, there are ways defendants can make the process a smoother one.

What are field sobriety tests used for?

After an arrest for suspected drunk driving in Mississippi, you are no doubt wondering if there is any way that you can defend yourself against the charges you now face. Just like with any criminal charge, it is important for you to remember that you are innocent until proven guilty. During your arrest process, you were likely asked to participate in some activities and tests. You might have thought that these things were meant to prove that you were drunk. That, however, is not necessarily the case.

False domestic assault accusations and the lasting effects

It is difficult to view a domestic assault charge in anything but a negative light. After all, damage done to victims is often irreversible and defendants end up with a lasting mark on their records. Yet, contrary to popular belief, criminal charges such as these are hardly ever black and white, and some cases can end on a positive note. Such cases often involve false domestic assault accusations. In Mississippi, those who are wrongly accused have the right to dispute false claims and move on with the satsifaction of a normal life.