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What are field sobriety tests used for?

After an arrest for suspected drunk driving in Mississippi, you are no doubt wondering if there is any way that you can defend yourself against the charges you now face. Just like with any criminal charge, it is important for you to remember that you are innocent until proven guilty. During your arrest process, you were likely asked to participate in some activities and tests. You might have thought that these things were meant to prove that you were drunk. That, however, is not necessarily the case.

False domestic assault accusations and the lasting effects

It is difficult to view a domestic assault charge in anything but a negative light. After all, damage done to victims is often irreversible and defendants end up with a lasting mark on their records. Yet, contrary to popular belief, criminal charges such as these are hardly ever black and white, and some cases can end on a positive note. Such cases often involve false domestic assault accusations. In Mississippi, those who are wrongly accused have the right to dispute false claims and move on with the satsifaction of a normal life.

Tishomongo County Courthouse employees report terroristic threats

It may be a safe bet to say that nearly everyone in Hazlehurst has had a moment when the temporary tension or tumult of a situation prompted one say something he or she did not truly mean. Sometimes, such statements may even escalate into threats. Yet most of these cases share two elements: They are not delivered with any sort of actual intent, and they are made behind closed doors in relative anonymity. If and when they happen in public places, however, such statements may leave those who make them facing dire consequences. 

Client visit in Tupelo leads to attorney's arrest

Many in Hazlehurst may think that it is relatively easy to avoid ever becoming involved in alleged criminal activity because most people simply "know better." Several of those same people may end up being surprised to learn how often someone that most would think "knows better" ends up being charged with a crime. Rather than being an indictment on the character of accused perpetrators, perhaps this is an indicator of how easily well-intentioned people can have their actions misinterpreted by authorities or become caught up in events that may be more serious than they first realize.