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The ins and outs of anesthesia complications

Planning a medical procedure that requires anesthesia can be the beginning of a new chapter in health, as well as a daunting obstacle. In addition to the moutains of paperwork, Mississippi patients must place a great deal of trust in someone they likely have never met when planning an operation. If the doctor betrays that trust, the patient could face a number of health risks -- and could even have a life on the line.

Confirming a doctor's ethical practices

A plethora of Mississippi residents find comfort in knowing that reliable health care is right around the corner. For some, regular doctor visits and treatment is part of a life routine. Because so many patients rely on sufficient medical advice to lead healthy lives, an ethically sound and honest doctor is an absolute must.

The reality of slip and fall accidents

Many Mississippi residents assume that slip and fall cases are rare occurrences. However, a quick slip on a freshly mopped floor or icy sidewalk can be the beginning of long recovery process, or worse, permanent damages. Most of these accidents could also have been prevented by a simple sign on the door or other area of a facility. Below are some of the most common injuries, as well as potential dangers, people can face after slip and fall accidents. 

Dog breeds, aggressiveness and the law

Dogs are humans' best friends for a reason. However, that reason can become unclear when a furry friend turns unexpectedly. These situations are certainly heartbreaking for the owner, but are outright dangerous for the victim; after all, just one attack can come with deadly costs. For Mississippi residents, the law is the law when it comes to dangerous dogs and protecting neighborhoods. 

How many people die in car accidents in Mississippi?

As car makers continually develop and add new safety features to vehicles, it might seem logical for people in Mississippi to think that the roads are actually safer than in prior years or generations. However, the reality remains that human drivers continue to make very unwise and often unsafe choices that put innocent people at risk every day. As a result, people are still dying on Mississippi roads and highways.

With so many choices, which store products are safe?

Weeks following the holiday season, children and adults alike are sure to find entertainment in new gifts and accessories. But with all of the choices in products -- from high chairs to fidget spinners -- can consumers trust each one to be safe? The answer to that question is often difficult to determine, but Mississippi residents can find comfort in knowing that consumers have rights to protection and safety. Should those rights become violated, further action may be necessary.

Truck underride guards can save lives

Mississippi drivers who own smaller cars know that they ride at eye level with the wheels of the huge 18-wheelers with which they share the roads. Should the worst happen and they are involved in an accident where they crash into the back or side of a trailer, their vehicle could well wind up underneath it. Forbes reports that in all too many accidents of this type, the passenger vehicle occupants are at grave risk for death by decapitation. Often there is little to stop the car from sliding underneath the trailer, shearing off its roof, hood and windshield, and leaving the driver and passengers in the car defenseless.

Texting and driving: a current problem that needs addressing

Accidents are frustrating enough on their own, but when they occur at the hands of an irresponsible driver, they only make matters more difficult. In today's technologically-driven society, the nation is largely becoming unobservant due to the alluring appeal of cell phones and other gadgets. All of these advancements are, indeed, a step forward -- but not in regards to their ability to distract consumers. An alarming number of Mississippi drivers have already been affected by this societal shift in awareness, many of whom are suffering from damages due to the poor driving of others.

The many faces of distracted driving

If you are like many people in Mississippi, you have likely heard plenty about the dangers of distracted driving from a range of sources. Over the past few years, this topic has garnered more and more attention and with good reason. Drivers who pay more attention to things other than driving put innocent people at risk for no good reason.