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What is the most dangerous work industry?

Earlier in 2018, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 71 people were killed on the job in Mississippi in 2016, down by five from the previous year. Of that number, 34—nearly half—were due to transportation incidents. The next highest category of job-related deaths was workers who received injuries from other people or animals. Fatal contact with equipment and objects was the third-highest category with 12 fatalities.

Should lane-splitting be legal?

Motorcycle enthusiasts far and wide have debated over the topic of lane-splitting. An action in which a motorcyclist goes in between lanes during slow-moving or stopped traffic, lane-splitting can save time by allowing motorcyclists to move through congestion quickly. Those in favor of this practice argue that not only can it save time; it can also help motorcyclists get out of uncomfortable, extreme temperatures and can boost fuel efficiency. Currently, lane-splitting in Mississippi is not authorized, but could it one day follow suit after California has adopted this driving practice? 

Motorcycle safety: tips to avoid distracted drivers

Warm weather is quickly approaching, and that can only mean one thing for many Mississippi residents: the motorcycles are coming out to play. Most are aware of the inherent dangers of motorcycle riding -- especially when compared to the protection of a regular vehicle -- but it is easy to get carried away with the thrills of riding itself. Below are a few tips cyclists can keep in mind when getting out alongside other, potentially distracted drivers.

Why should you seek compensation for personal injury?

As a Mississippi resident who has been injured in an accident due to no fault of your own, you're left with a number of decisions that you need to make quickly. One of these choices is whether or not you want to pursue a personal injury claim. Shannon Law Firm, PLLC, is here to help if that is your goal.

What is the settlement process for car accidents?

No matter how well you know your automobile insurance policy, you are likely to have tons of questions if you have an accident in Mississippi. Perhaps the biggest ones are about the scope of the damage, repair costs and how much your insurance will cover. There are some limits imposed by state law that you need to know.

The ins and outs of anesthesia complications

Planning a medical procedure that requires anesthesia can be the beginning of a new chapter in health, as well as a daunting obstacle. In addition to the moutains of paperwork, Mississippi patients must place a great deal of trust in someone they likely have never met when planning an operation. If the doctor betrays that trust, the patient could face a number of health risks -- and could even have a life on the line.

Confirming a doctor's ethical practices

A plethora of Mississippi residents find comfort in knowing that reliable health care is right around the corner. For some, regular doctor visits and treatment is part of a life routine. Because so many patients rely on sufficient medical advice to lead healthy lives, an ethically sound and honest doctor is an absolute must.

The reality of slip and fall accidents

Many Mississippi residents assume that slip and fall cases are rare occurrences. However, a quick slip on a freshly mopped floor or icy sidewalk can be the beginning of long recovery process, or worse, permanent damages. Most of these accidents could also have been prevented by a simple sign on the door or other area of a facility. Below are some of the most common injuries, as well as potential dangers, people can face after slip and fall accidents. 

Dog breeds, aggressiveness and the law

Dogs are humans' best friends for a reason. However, that reason can become unclear when a furry friend turns unexpectedly. These situations are certainly heartbreaking for the owner, but are outright dangerous for the victim; after all, just one attack can come with deadly costs. For Mississippi residents, the law is the law when it comes to dangerous dogs and protecting neighborhoods.