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The basics of distracted driving penalties

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When it comes to distracted driving, any item, noise, text message, outside occurrence or even thought can suddenly pose a life or death situation. All too often, otherwise responsible individuals find themselves in these situations. Mississippi law deals with accidents caused by distracted driving seriously; a distracted driving law went into effect in 2015 and comes with steep penalties.

WLOX News warns Mississippi residents that among the penalties for distracted driving are hefty fines, depending on the situation. WLOX, having discussed the matter with local truck drivers who are highly familiar with the area’s roads, reports that individuals caught driving distracted do not only face fines. Distracted driving is closely associated with reckless driving, and many claim that the two are synonymous. A number of these truckers who frequent Mississippi’s roads witness countless incidents wherin drivers are paying little attention to the road, if any at all. And although the actual penalty for texting while driving is not as severe as other violations, that same penalty for truckers can run up to $600 for the driver and $2,500 for trucking companies. 

Truckers are not the only ones concerned about distracted drivers; the Mississippi Legislature provides a document on the passing of a bill that clamped down on cell phone use while driving. The bill maintains that the following cell phone actions are prohibited while operating a motor vehicle:

  • Social networking
  • Writing or sending a message 
  • Reading 

The Legislature also clarifies the details of this bill, stating that violations after the date of July 1, 2016 come with a civil penalty of $100. The Department of Public Safety may also collect data and obtain records of those caught operating a cell phone while driving, especially in cases of accidents or other damages.