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Client visit in Tupelo leads to attorney’s arrest

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2017 | Uncategorized |

Many in Hazlehurst may think that it is relatively easy to avoid ever becoming involved in alleged criminal activity because most people simply “know better.” Several of those same people may end up being surprised to learn how often someone that most would think “knows better” ends up being charged with a crime. Rather than being an indictment on the character of accused perpetrators, perhaps this is an indicator of how easily well-intentioned people can have their actions misinterpreted by authorities or become caught up in events that may be more serious than they first realize. 

One would certainly think that an attorney would “know better” than to place him or herself in a position of being arrested, yet that is precisely what happened to one after visiting a client in jail in Tupelo. A subsequent search of the inmate revealed contraband items. Authorities later arrested the attorney, saying that he was the one who gave the contraband to the inmate during his visit. While the exact details of what was on the inmate were not revealed, it was reported that they included several banned items. 

While at face value, one might assume this to be an extremely foolish and careless move on the part of the attorney. Yet without knowing his true intent (or the exact nature of what he gave his client), it may be difficult to assume that his actions were intentionally criminal. The same may be said about any number of people who end up in trouble with the law. Such people deserve to have their rights protected so as to not see what may be simple mistakes drastically alter their lives. Such protection may be available from experienced criminal defense attorney. 

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