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Tishomongo County Courthouse employees report terroristic threats

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2017 | Uncategorized |

It may be a safe bet to say that nearly everyone in Hazlehurst has had a moment when the temporary tension or tumult of a situation prompted one say something he or she did not truly mean. Sometimes, such statements may even escalate into threats. Yet most of these cases share two elements: They are not delivered with any sort of actual intent, and they are made behind closed doors in relative anonymity. If and when they happen in public places, however, such statements may leave those who make them facing dire consequences. 

A Georgia man is currently learning this lesson the hard way after having been arrested over an outburst made towards employees of the Tishomongo County courthouse. The man (who worked as a truck driver) had originally been cited by Mississippi Department of Transportation officials for failing to stop at a weigh station. It was reported that he missed his subsequent court date. The county sheriff reported that the man then called the courthouse and threatened employees with a “Las Vegas-style shooting.” He was later arrested or making terroristic threats and waived his extradition back to the county. 

Although one may certainly call this man’s choice of words into question (particularly given the collective national sensitivity following recent events), the fact of whether or not the intent to follow up on his words was there should not be overlooked. Evidence should support the reasons officials chose to take his threats seriously. Yet if none exists, then one might wonder if this is simply an example of one being overly boisterous in conveying his frustrations. Those who face similar scenarios may want to secure the services of an attorney to assist in defending themselves. 

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