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With so many choices, which store products are safe?

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Weeks following the holiday season, children and adults alike are sure to find entertainment in new gifts and accessories. But with all of the choices in products — from high chairs to fidget spinners — can consumers trust each one to be safe? The answer to that question is often difficult to determine, but Mississippi residents can find comfort in knowing that consumers have rights to protection and safety. Should those rights become violated, further action may be necessary.

CBS Money Watch is curious to know why, exactly, dangerous products are such a common occurrence in the country. One disturbing reason is that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission does not examine all products under its regulation. As a result, countless items fall through the cracks and make it onto store shelves. Money Watch shares a report from Bloomberg, which exposes some of the top offending stores in America, including:

  • Target
  • Dollar Tree
  • Zulily

Although these popular stores made it to the offending list, each claim that they test their products and consider safety a top priority. Because of this unsettling ambiguity, Money Watch encourages consumers to become acquainted with the CPSC’s website, which periodically provides a list containing public safety complaints. 

In addition to the multitude of scares some store products can introduce to consumers, there are other items to watch out for, as well. CNN focused on the many dangerous chemicals to which the average household is exposed on a daily basis. An alliance known as Project TENDR shared in 2016 that many everyday products are, in fact, highly toxic. Such products include food wrapping, cans, carpets and cookware. Some experts believe these products are capable of altering hormones, and, even worse, can affect developing brains. Using scent-free detergents and reading labels are some ways consumers can stay up to date. The uncertainty of product safety can seem a daunting part of everyday life, but knowing possible risks and taking action when necessary can help one avoid dangers in the future.