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The ins and outs of anesthesia complications

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Planning a medical procedure that requires anesthesia can be the beginning of a new chapter in health, as well as a daunting obstacle. In addition to the moutains of paperwork, Mississippi patients must place a great deal of trust in someone they likely have never met when planning an operation. If the doctor betrays that trust, the patient could face a number of health risks — and could even have a life on the line.

Any involvement with a medical professional requires trust on some level, but anethesia inevitably makes a patient vulnerable. Scientific American weighs the pros and cons of the three main types of anesthesia, looking at the hidden dangers of this practice. Scientific American brought to attention the possible side effects of anesthesia that renders a patient unable to recall memories. Known as postoperative delirium, this confusion post-surgery can last for days. In decades past, scientists suspected that a dosage too large could result in this prolonged confusion, but also expressed difficulty in differentiating between confusion brought on by anesthesia and stress from the surgery itself. More recently, researchers are beginning to place the blame on anesthesia and incorrect amounts given to patients. 

While most anesthesia experiences prove successful, some can result in rare complications. When Seconds Count, a branch of the American Society of Anesthesiologists, explains that postoperative delirium is not the only potential risk with going under; malignant hyperthermia is another complication. This potentially deadly reaction to anesthesia can happen in the midst of surgery, and can cause a patient to develop a fever. More common issues related to anesthesia include nausea, muscle aches, itching and a sore throat. Going under anesthesia can be frightening, but one way to ensure a smooth process involves discussing all past health issues and concerns with a trusted medical professional.