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Are slip and falls really that common?

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2018 | Injury And Tort Law |

Most Mississippi residents have taken a frightening tumble at some point or another. When these incidents happen at home, they usually require an ice pack and a good bandage — but what if the accident occurs on another property?

Sometimes, these slip and fall incidents take place at businesses that should have alerted customers of potential safety hazards. Perhaps a sign was simply placed in a subtle spot where customers could not take precautions. Whatever the case, it is important that consumers understand the basics about these potentially dangerous accidents.

The Data

The National Floor Safety Institute provides current facts on slip and falls, quickly pointing out that over 1 million emergency room visits involve these types of incidents. Falls in totality led to over 8 million hospital emergency room visits. The injuries that can ensue are no light matter, either: the NFSI states that fractures are the most severe type of repercussion after slip and falls. Although elderly shoppers are the most vulnerable to falls, any slippery substance, freshly mopped floor or blocked aisle can create serious risks for consumers of any age. 

The Causes

Learning about the statistical information on these types of accidents can certainly help one prepare for the unexpected. EHS Today takes a closer look at common factors at play in most slip and fall cases:

  • Ice
  • Wet materials
  • Surfactants
  • Rugs 

While EHS Today shares that there is no single method used to determine slip-resistance, the article mentions the use of English tribometers as one way to spot the dangers. These tools can test the walking surface and thus ensure safety for all who frequent the area. The safety and health magazine goes on to mention that the very mechanics of walking can be the risky culprit. No matter how a slip and fall happened, knowing the possible risks can create a safer environment overall.