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Responding to an assault accusation

On Behalf of | May 25, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

Discovering that a possible assault charge is in one’s future can certainly be a terrifying experience. Regardless of what happened, the privacy of everyone involved can suddenly be at stake. With harassment being a focal point of concern in today’s world, there have been many debates on how one should react to an assault accusation. Mississippi residents may look to successful examples to best approach such a complex issue.

By looking to past incidents, one can develop an understanding of assault charges and the procedures that typically ensue. Business Insider presents three general reactions to sexual harassment allegations, noting that no matter the details of the case, reactions to any claim can be paramount to one’s reputation. It is common for men to become defensive in these situations — and reasonably so. Utter disbelief in regard to the accusation is another typical reaction, followed by the difficulty in empathizing with victims. It is normal for men to shift to self-protection mode; Business Insider points toward societal attitudes regarding assault and harassment for these knee-jerk reactions.

Navigating an assault charge can quickly become overwhelming. The National Center for the Prosecution of Violence Against Women considers some of the ways the accused respond to assault allegations, noting that such false reports only present barriers to better understanding sexual assault as a whole. Thinking an allegation through can make all the difference in these situations. The NCPVA also emphasizes that investigations and studies surrounding assault play a vital role in protecting victims, as well as those who are falsely accused. Closer training in the law enforcement industry can also help better pinpoint false accusations. While many assault allegations prove true, there are also a number of reports that are unfounded, leaving the accused in incredibly challenging situations.