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High speed chase in Marion Count kills two men

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2018 | Injury And Tort Law |

It may indeed by a rare occurrence when someone from Hazlehurst gets into a vehicle with a person that he or she does not know. Typically, vehicle passengers (and their families) have established relationships with the people driving them around. This may be what makes assigning liability following a car accident even more difficult. People may not want to bring action against someone that they know. Yet circumstances (combined with a driver’s conduct) may leave them with little choice. 

The decision to pursue a potential acquaintance for compensation may soon be facing the families of two men hailing from Hattiesburg and McComb, respectively. The two were killed after the car they were traveling in left the road and overturned on Marion County. The vehicle was involved in a chase with authorities at the time of the accident (a law enforcement vehicle also overturned in the chase, injuring its driver). The driver of the vehicle carrying the men apparently attempted to avoid authorities who had a safety checkpoint, choosing instead to flee the scene in the vehicle. He survived the accident and has since been charged with two counts of manslaughter (among other things). 

One might think that any civil action meant to secure compensation for the deaths of the accident victims in cases like this one would have to wait until a criminal investigation (and subsequent trial) concludes. Yet that is not the case. The families of victims can indeed file a lawsuit to help cover the costs associated with their losses. Earning a successful outcome to such a lawsuit may be much easier if one has the support of an experienced attorney to rely on.