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Reviewing Mississippi’s child support guidelines

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2018 | Domestic Relations And Family Law |

A child support obligation may be viewed by many in Hazlehurst as a form of punishment imposed on a parent. Not only may his or her access to his or her children be limited, but he or she is then mandated to continue to pay the other parent for their support. According to information share by the U.S. Census Bureau, $33.7 billion in such support was due in 2015 alone. Yet many of those parents obligated to pay child support have no issue with supporting their kids; they simply want to ensure that whatever amount they required to meet is reasonable. 

It is for this reason that the state sets the guidelines for exactly how much is required in child support (as opposed to leaving that determination up to the parties involved in a divorce case). Its rules can be found in Section 43-19-101 of the Mississippi Public Welfare Code. The process of determining child support begins by reviewing the income of the absent parent (the parent obliged to pay child support). Salary, wages, self-employment income, commissions, unemployment or retirement benefits, and investment income are just a few of the revenue sources that go into coming up with this amount. After one’s income is calculated, certain allowed deductions (e.g., Social Security and tax liabilities, support payments owed to others parties, contributions made to retirement accounts) are then subtracted from that figure to come up with one’s adjusted gross income. 

The amount of child support owed is actually a predetermined percentage of one’s adjusted gross income assigned by the state depending on how many children a couple shares. These percentages are broken down as follows: 

  • 1 child: 14 percent
  • 2 children: 20 percent
  • 3 children: 22 percent
  • 4 children: 24 percent
  • 5 or more children: 26 percent

In addition, both parents may also be required to pay to secure health insurance for the kids.