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The lesser-known effects of a car wreck

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2018 | Injury And Tort Law |

Many Mississippi drivers have lived the horrors of falling victim to a negligent driver. What once started as a normal day may have ended with a trip to the hospital — a step that some are hardly prepared for. When another person was at fault for a wreck, not only does the victim deserve to be compensated for damages; he or she deserves justice after an otherwise traumatic experience. While the process of claiming damages is an obstacle on its own, countless victims must navigate through the long and arduous road of recovery. 

The phrase “personal injury” is most commonly used in connection with physical conditions, but an injury does not have to be visible to be valid. VeryWell Mind understands the importance of understanding potential mental problems that can ensue after a traumatic car wreck, stating that anyone who has been in an accident could be at risk for a post-traumatic stress disorder. Furthermore, roughly 9 percent of all who are involved in such accidents develop PTSD. Because of these risks, it is crucial that victims of vehicle accidents are aware of possible warning signs:

  • Increased heart rate when thinking of the event
  • Feeling more jumpy or startled
  • Avoiding driving altogether

VeryWell explains that not all of these symptoms may be present when an individual is struggling with PTSD. Those who continue to struggle with PTSD may seek assistance to gain full recovery. 

Psychology Today also comments on the severity of car wrecks and how these accidents can affect victims over time. Overcoming fear alone can prove the biggest obstacle after the accident. While a physical injury — such as a foot or arm — often have tell-tale signs of injury, mental struggles can present many gray areas. Psychology Today mentions the benefits of self-reflective exercises, as they can help victims compartmentalize feelings and frustrations. The ability to come face-to-face with the traumatic event is another giant hurdle that may take months and even years to overcome. An invisible personal injury is frightening, to say the least, but there are a number of resources victims can turn to in times of need.