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Worried about being pulled over by the police? What color is your car?

| Aug 5, 2021 | DUI |

If you want to keep a low profile out there on the road, you may want to reconsider your choice of motor vehicle.

So what kinds of vehicles should you avoid? Sure, a fancy sports car is bound to catch people’s eyes, and a tricked-out vehicle with flames painted down the hood will definitely attract some attention. Urban legend, however, says that even ordinary vehicles get pulled over more often if they are red.

Are red cars really police magnets?

Yes and no. Statistically speaking, white cars are pulled over by the police more than any other color of vehicle. That doesn’t mean a red car is a good choice, however, if you prefer not to attract official attention.

Statistically, there are far more white vehicles on the road than any other color. White vehicles are cheaper to produce, so budget-conscious consumers tend to pick them. Plus, white paint is easier to match if you want to hide a scratch or cover a spot of rust.

Red cars come in second on the list, which means there really is some truth to the idea that they tend to draw official eyes. Gray and silver vehicles are the third and fourth most likely colors to get pulled over.

Does that mean you need to avoid red vehicles entirely?

No. You need to know your rights.

A police officer can’t legally stop you without reasonable suspicion that you’re breaking the law. If you’re obeying all the traffic laws, an officer has no right to pull you over.

Unfortunately, police officers don’t always act in accordance with the law. If you’ve been stopped on suspicion of driving under the influence, transporting drugs or for any other reason, remember that you have a right to remain silent. So, use it. That’s the first proactive step in any criminal defense.