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3 signs an insurer is lowballing your Mississippi accident claim

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2021 | Car Accidents |

In the wake of a typical Mississippi car accident, victims file an insurance claim and await a fair payout from the insurance company. Most of these victims never stop to wonder if the payment they receive is what they deserve. Instead, they take it on faith that the insurer treated them fairly.

Insurance companies operate for profit. For victims, this means that insurers will almost certainly try to pay as little as possible on a car accident claim. After paying your insurance policy premiums in good faith, getting lowballed by any insurance company is the ultimate insult.

Look for these signs to protect your compensation

You might not know this, but you do not have to accept an offer that seems too low. If you do not understand how insurers underestimate car accidents, watch out for these warning signs that you are about to receive an inappropriate offer.

  1. An early offer to settle. Most people who suffer injuries in a wreck are worried about their finances due to medical bills and lost wages. Insurers typically take advantage of these situations by trying to pay less than they should.
  2. Requests to record statements. When an insurance company wants to record your conversations, they may be trying to lock you into a low offer by using what you say against you.
  3. Use of third-party appraisers. If an insurer wants to use an outsider to appraise your car accident, it could indicate that you are about to receive a low offer. In many cases, third-party appraisals and estimates are lower than they should be.

We encourage you to continue learning more about how insurance companies respond to car accident claims. With guidance from an advocate, you can receive the accident compensation you truly deserve.