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The dangers of new technology in cars

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2022 | Car Accidents |

You may be driving down the highway when your children start getting restless. So you turn on the built-in screen and switch on some cartoons to distract your kids. This helps for the moment but entertainment like this can also be a distraction while driving. 

Electronics built into your car, like phones, TVs, radio and GPS, may seem convenient at first, but these can easily become hazardous while driving. It can be surprising to know that built-in electronics in cars can lead to accidents. Here’s what you should know:

High-tech or highly distracting?

Most new cars have built-in screens. A majority of these screens are made for the radio, clock or calls. Some of these are used as GPS or cameras when backing up. While some cars are equipped with screens that can play shows or movies

No matter the purpose, these screens can easily draw your attention away from the road. The risk of being in an auto accident is raised by any chance your focus isn’t on driving. Even if you don’t intend to look at the screen, sudden noises and lights can cause your concentration to break.

What can you do with technology in your car?

The pop-down screen in your car may have been the selling point that made you commit to your purchase. So what can you do with it now that you know it could be the cause of an auto accident? Just like picking up the phone while in your car, you may consider finding a safe place to stop and set up your GPS or let your kids watch their favorite show. 

If you were recently in an accident and suspect the other driver was distracted by their car’s tech, then you may need to seek legal assistance that can help you recover from your losses.