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4 ways to handle a business partner dispute

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2022 | Business And Corporate Law |

Like any relationship, there will be bumps in the road, and in many partnerships, these difficulties can promote growth. That’s why you may expect you and your business partner to eventually butt heads, because, in the end, your business could be better for it.

If there are continuous and lasting problems working with a business partner, however, then your business could be at threat. Here’s what you may consider when trying to resolve issues in your partnership:

1. Negotiate with your partner

Communication is key when it comes to working with someone for a common good. Talking with your business partner may be your best option to navigate rough patches in the agreement. Often, problems can be cleared up by negotiating what options are available to you and your partner and how to settle problems going forward.

2. Reaching out to a third party

Some difficulties in a partnership can’t be easily talked about alone, that’s why people may reach out for help from a third party. This may mean contacting someone who is experienced in mediation and can get a business back on track using dispute-resolution skills. A third party may be better at translating problems and providing ways to resolve the issues in a dispute.

3. Look to your partnership agreement

Some business partners instinctively know what disputes will show up in the future. That’s why a partnership agreement should include specific details that help decide how a business complication will go. Checking for specifications for how a dispute should be resolved may stop problems from getting out of hand.

4. Reaching out for legal help

If a business partner dispute isn’t resolved (and has escalated to the point of no return), your next best option may be to reach out for legal assistance. An unresolved partner dispute could be damaging to a business if difficulties last too long.