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2 common areas of conflict for business owners

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2023 | Business And Corporate Law |

There are numerous benefits to owning your own business. You can instill your own ethos, ethics and branding style. You can pick your own hours and choose the people you surround yourself with. 

That being said, there are also some drawbacks. You have a much higher level of responsibility than if you were an employee. You’re going to have to make sure your company operates within the confines of the law at all times. You’re going to have to manage staff and settle disputes should they arise. 

Anticipating some of the more common business disputes could be very helpful. Outlined below are a few examples. 

1. Disputes with employees 

As stated, you are going to be responsible for managing your own team. This not only means that you need to keep them as happy as possible but must also follow regulations.

You need to make sure that your company has a clear and effective anti-discrimination policy, for example. You’ll also need to make sure that workers are getting adequate rest breaks and a fair wage for the duties they carry out. Any kind of dispute with employees can set you back significantly. One of the best ways to avoid these disputes is by drafting sound employment contracts, which protect all parties. 

2. Disputes with other companies 

There are very few businesses that operate alone in their respective marketplaces. You’re probably going to have suppliers or you might even work with subcontractors. Business-to-business relationships can be extremely beneficial, but only if they have a sound legal foundation. You want to avoid disputes with other companies if possible, and operating with watertight contracts will help with this. 

If you’re facing any sort of business dispute, then it is probably best to settle it promptly. Having legal guidance behind you will help ensure that your interests are protected.